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What Is WattBike? 


The Wattbike was created with British Cycling to provide an affordable indoor bike for training and testing that is suitable for everyone from school children to Olympic Gold Medallists.

Within seconds you can be accurately measuring your power output, your pedalling technique and heart rate.


The Wattbike is extremely accurate. The amount of power produced is calculated from the force applied to the chain through the cranks (sampled 100 times a second).

Each Wattbike is factory calibrated and is accurate to within +/- 2% over its full range.


Endorsed by Cycling Australia, the Wattbike is a truly unique indoor bike. Developed in a world class environment to allow everyone from complete beginners and fitness enthusiasts to Olympic and World Champions to experience the same ultimate training device.

Ride Feel

The Wattbike is the first indoor bike that actually feels like riding a bike. This is achieved by the unique air brake construction that allows the flywheel to keep spinning like the wheels on your road bike.

The Wattbike is also designed so that you can replicate the setup of your road bike exactly on the Wattbike.

The Wattbike has been designed with British Cycling’s coaches and scientists to replicate the sensation of ‘real’ cycling and be the first factory calibrated static bike to deliver accurate, consistent performance data and technical feedback. It is used by World and Olympic Champions in the UK and around the world but is equally suitable for use in schools, gyms, at home or for cross training for almost any sport.

There are two types of Wattbike –

  • Wattbike Trainer

  • Wattbike Pro

What’s the difference?

Both Wattbikes have the same measurement system, accuracy and monitor and deliver a professional range of cadence (rpm)/power outputs. The only difference is the air resistance range.

The Trainer is low to medium air resistance whilst the Pro is medium to high air resistance. There is an overlap from the Trainer to the Pro at the medium level. Air resistance level 1 on the Pro is the same as air resistance level 5 on the Trainer.

How to choose the right Wattbike for you

The choice is easier to make if your Wattbike is for individual use. If it will be used by family members, young adults/children then the choice invariably will be the Wattbike Trainer as this gives the lower air resistance ranges that will be needed for effective exercise by non-cyclists and children.

The Wattbike Trainer is the preferred model for most people, as they can use the combination of the air brake and the magnetic brake to replicate any desired power to meet practical exercise and training needs.

However key to enjoyment of the Wattbike is ‘it feels like riding a bike’ – this is created by the air resistance and therefore, if you are a powerful cyclist you may need the range of the Pro to achieve this feel. Alternatively if you prefer high cadence (rpm) then the Trainer may be for you.

If the Wattbike is for individual use then the following guidelines may be of use:

A Wattbike Pro is suitable for you if you:

  • Are a male category three cyclist or better
  • Are a female category two cyclist or better
  • Have a maximum minute power of more than 300 Watts
  • Are a male track sprinter (it is also best for most female track sprinters)

For professional users the following guidelines may be of use

You really should consider having at least one Wattbike Trainer and one Wattbike Pro if you:

  • Will be using the Wattbike in a rehabilitation facility
  • Will be using the Wattbike for testing and training of cyclists and triathletes
  • Will be using the Wattbike to test professional sports people
  • Are a sport scientist/clinician and will be testing both sedentary and trained populations
  • Are a gym or health club and want to be able to cater for all your members

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