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Individual attention so you can train at your intensity, with experienced friendly instructors and no need for lycra!

Welcome to Cycle & Fitness Studio and congratulations, you have taken the first step in becoming a fitter, healthier you!

No matter who you are, Cycle & Fitness Studio offers health and fitness solutions for all levels of fitness.

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We promise you individual attention, with the opportunity to train at your intensity with experienced friendly instructors to help you TONE, LOSE WEIGHT,  AND HAVE MORE ENERGY

Take the next step now, we have made it easy for you. If you start tomorrow you are already one day behind right?

Your questions answered?

The bikes look scary, are the classes for me?

Absolutely. Yes the bikes were developed for professional cyclists, but that is how nearly all training methods / equipment is developed. They are then adapted to suit the general population and their fitness goals. The bikes are easy to use and our friendly qualified instructors will facilitate a safe, fun and fantastic workout all at your own personal intensity

I am not fit enough to participate in a class!

Each class participant is provided with a basic ‘power card’ which enables you to participate in the class at your own intensity. You could have Cadel Evans or Jana Pittman beside you and you would all be working to your own personal potential.  You will find your strength, agility and cardio fitness will improve over time

Once I progress, what classes should I do?

Dynamic Fitness – If you want an all body workout and a short introduction to the Wattbike, this is the class for you! These classes are designed around everyday functional movements using select equipment and body weight exercises. The calories will be dripping off and the core will be stronger than it has ever been.

Pedal Power – Get ready for a new experience in Spin Cycling. These classes are designed for all levels (see section on ‘power cards’). You will be immersed in a beautiful scenery on the 120” screen and have heart pumping music to keep you motivated. Expect to burn between 450 – 700 calories in this class and you won’t even know you have been pedalling for 45minutes!

30min HIIT Time crunched? Get the results in only 30mins with our specially designed HIIT workouts

Pilates – Slow things down a bit with Pilates and strengthen your core, lengthen your tight muscles and take the mind of the daily tasks. Pilates is perfect for rehabilitation and for preventing injuries

Gentle Intro – This is the perfect class for those new to group exercise or getting back into it. The class will give you a taste of all our various classes in a safe, controlled and beginner friendly format. You will sweat and be left feeling energised to book in for another

How many classes should I do?

We recommend three or four per week in conjunction with other physical activities of your choice. Unsure of what other activities to do, one of our qualified PT’s will guide you in the right direction

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